Photo of the day by Erin Cunningham

By on October 13, 2016
Lens:  Florence 
Film:  Rasputin 
Flash:  Apollo 
Clarity: 36 • Definition: 17 • Highlights: -44 • Vibrancy: +12 • Tone Curves: modified


"Burj Khalifa"

"There's not much about Dubai's flashy boomtown vibe that I find appealing, and I'm normally only there when en route to other countries. But it's very difficult to resist the urge to photograph the world's tallest building, which stands at more than 820 meters. This photo was taken as I sped by the Burj Khalifa in a taxi on an early morning errand. There was a soft, golden light reflecting off the surrounding buildings, and I was very pleased to have been able to capture it in such a narrow frame."
Erin Cunningham


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