Photo of the day by Ger van den Elzen

By on April 22, 2017
Lens:  Dale 
Film:  Kodot Souvenir 
Flash:  Triple Crown 
Using:  Multiple Exposure Kit 


"Lately I’ve noticed a lot of ongoing discussions on social media about the date stamp on the Kodot Souvenir film, from the new Kissimmee HipstaPak. Should it stay or should it go?! My personal question about this date stamp was more about how it would behave, when using the Multiple Exposure Kit in Hipstamatic's Classic mode. I tried it and it's clear that the date stamp does not get multiplied. My personal conclusion is that the date stamp will stay because it's part of the Kissimmee HipstaPak that the Hipstamatic team created for us. For all of you who don't like the date stamp, there is a manual on how to remove it."
Ger van den Elzen


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