Photo of the day by Ilana Buch

By on October 5, 2014
Lens:  Wonder 
Film:  Shilshole 
Flash: off


"I felt rather lucky to have stumbled upon this young couple. They seemed the picture postcard of "Love in the Islamic Republic of Iran". It was clear from their body language, (the respectful distance kept from one another), the woman donning the traditional Chador, that this young couple adhered to strict codes of conduct. Yet it was also obvious, from their shy smiles and the prodigious care the young man took with his companion to introduce her to the sweeping beauty of the Alborz mountain range that despite mountains, so-to-speak, of behavioral restrictions, love was indeed the air."
Ilana Buch

This photo is part of the portfolio "Springtime in Tehran" by Ilana Buch


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