Photo of the day by Joaquin Montalvan

By on August 16, 2013
Lens:  Tejas 
Film:  C-Type Plate 
Flash: off

"Every year, on the weekend after the 4th of July, a large number of Military reenactment groups gather at Fort MacArthur for Old Fort MacArthur Days. Up at the top of a hill, there was an outpost from the Korean War. The G.I.'s in the picture walked up to us and told us about their post. I lingered after they had finished talking, and snapped this photo, only one G.I. was aware of my doing so, the one on the left looking at the camera. What I love about the image is the complete naturalness of how they are standing, as well as the authenticity of the period trappings. It is quintessentially American.
Joaquin Montalvan

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Joaquin Montalvan created a 100 page coffee table book of images entirely using the Tintype SnapPak and the Loftus lens. I asked him the reasons for this choice.

"I've always been a big fan of Hipstamatic, but when they released the Tintype SnapPak my love went to a whole new level. It actually inspired me to create a book using only the Tintype lens and films. During the process of photographing the subject matter, I added the Loftus lens as it has blurring, similar to Tinto 1884, but is not as contrasty which I found preferable when using the C-Type Plate film.

Have you ever gone to an antique store and picked up a photo album with some families old pictures in it? That feeling of being transported to a time and place that is alien to you, yet resonates emotionally. You look and wonder who these people were, what they did, how they lived. Photographic evidence of a bygone era that once was, but is no longer. That feeling is what this book is about."

"AmericanA" is available here:

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