Photo of the day by Leslie Burnside

By on May 20, 2017
Lens:  Lumière 
Film:  A-Type Plate 
Flash:  Standard 
Exposure: +0.2 • Clarity: 55


"Last Thursday I went to Las Vegas, New Mexico with two friends for a photo shoot. Las Vegas is a small town located about 60 miles east of Santa Fe. Established in 1835, once a stop on the Santa Trail, it prospered during the railroad era and was once home to a variety of desperadoes and outlaws. It has more than 900 buildings on the National Register, many in varied states of disrepair and is often used as a film & TV location (most recently Longmire.)
The first thing that caught our eye was an abandoned gas station. Fortuitously, the Autochrome HipstaPak was released the week before and I used it for many of my shots there. The desaturated tones and pop of red worked well here; I lightened the photo a bit by using the Standard flash and a slight exposure adjustment, and brought out more details with a clarity adjustment. "

Leslie Burnside


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