Photo of the day by Marc Zetterblom

By on August 24, 2016
Lens:  Tinto 1884 
Film:  Uchitel 20 (100%) 
Flash:  Triple Crown 
Clarity: 28 • Definition: 22 • Highlights: -13 • Depth of field: 50


"I have always liked the Uchitel 20 film. It has been my main film for Salvador 84 shots for a long time, but it is equally pleasing to combine it with a more normal lens like Lowy or, like in this case, the dreamy Tinto 1884 lens. I think it is the contrast between the shallow depth of field and the sudden clarity, in combination with the clear separation of the dark and light parts, that makes this image stand out."
Marc Zetterblom

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