Photo of the day by Stavros Dimakopoulos

By on August 28, 2016
Lens:  Stavros 
Film:  Telegraph 
Flash:  Apollo 
Exposure: -0.1 • Clarity: 49 • Definition: 17 • Highlights: -30 • Shadows: +15 • Vibrancy: -67 • Fade: 10 • Texture: 2 • Vignette: 15


"In Greek mythology, the Calydonian boar was sent by goddess Artemis in order to ravage the region of Calydon in Aetolia, and punish King Oeneus for neglecting her in the offerings of the first fruits to the gods. In this contemporary approach of the ancient myth, the "Hunt of the Calydonian Boar" is depicted with human bodies resembling the statues of an ancient temple’s pediment, while the bloodcurdling boar in the middle of the scene is… simply a harmless wheelbarrow!"
Stavros Dimakopoulos


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