Photo of the day by Susanne Bodin Nordin

By on April 3, 2013
Lens:  Lucifer VI 
Film:  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Flash: off
Using:  Multiple Exposure Kit 


This amazing photo is actually a rare bug that took nearly 50 takes to trigger.
1. Multiple Exposure Kit is activated
2. Viewfinder is Expanded
3. Touch to Focus feature is used
4. Image taken, App Crashes
5. Resulting image superimposes an out-of-focus zoomed image. Camera itself did not move.

Susanne Bodin Nordin

Note from Tom Choinski: "Dear Hipstamatic, discover what causes this bug, then create a new lens around it. I'd certainly pay $0.99!"
Note from Susanne Bodin Nordin: "Dear Hipstamatic, my percentage for this feature will be very modest..."

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Photo made in the context of the Hipstaclass 009.

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