Photo of the day by Tilman Haerdle

By on June 10, 2013
Lens:  GSQUAD 
Film:  AO DLX 
Flash: off


"The photo was taken close to the grounds of a former barracks, the Alabama Kaserne. After many years of mixed civilian use, the whole area is currently deconstructed as a new projects is coming to life, a new high school for Munich's north. One of the last remaining fixtures is this sign of a luxury car dealer who has moved to another location a long time ago. I always wanted to take a picture of that void advertisement and today I managed to stop and shoot it both from front and back. I like the mirrored version more as it has more drama and the obstructed readability adds to it. I also like the barbed wire which gives another hint to the former use of the area.
It has become one of my main interests in photography to document change in the area I live in. There are so many buildings, objects, structures, landmarks that disappear and later generations should understand the change that led their hometown to its current state."

Tilman Haerdle

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