Photo of the day by Todd Pruzan

By on April 14, 2013
Lens:  Loftus 
Film:  DC 
Flash:  Standard 

"This shot is incredibly simplistic: a beautiful cardboard canister of 60 colored pencils, sold by a New York City store of the Japanese homewares retailer Muji, that I shot from a few inches above as it stood on my white office desk. Pencils are arranged in the random order Muji packaged them in; actually, I think they're beautiful to look at and have never used any of them. In case I decide to, they're now immortalized. I used Loftus and DC—the food combo—which is richly vibrant, and which softens the focus at the vignettes, helping a white desktop pass for a blank background. This took me about 10 seconds to do, on a whim the other morning, and I got really lucky. I can't stop staring at it."
Todd Pruzan

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