Pic of the day by Jessika Johansson

By on December 30, 2012
Lens:  Wonder 
Film:  W40 
Flash: off


"Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the graphic properties of life buoys: the circle shape and the simple red and white pattern. This is one that I often pass while out walking. I have a number of shots of this one and photos of many others as well. On my father's side of the family the men were all fishermen and sailors as far back as I know. I live by the sea and love the sea, at the same time I have the deepest respect for it which is another reason why life buoys always catch my eye. For this photo I used one of my favourite winter combos: Wonder/W40. It is one of the best combos for red in my opinion. It also, somehow, produces light where there is none which is often the case during our winters."
Jessika Johansson

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