Photo of The Week by Tammy George

By on February 4, 2013
Lens:  Salvador 84 
Film:  Rock BW-11 
Flash: off
Using:  Multiple Exposure Kit 

"Hybrid multiflora (a space odyssey)"

"Let me begin by saying that I do not shoot flower photography. I have just never had an interest in it. A dear friend recently presented me with a creative challenge to share 5 flora shots (the other 4 can be seen in my flickr or IG pages). In an effort to create some interesting floral photography, I snapped a few shots of a single rose from my yard, using Salvador + RockBW11. I got some cool stuff... but it still didn't feel like my style. I then decided to stray from the calculated and controlled trail of Salvador and shoot some Hipsta Multiple Exposure, I'm always surprised with my MultiEx results.

I was surprised when I realized that I had forgotten to switch lenses and had just shot a few Multis using the Salvador lens, instead of the Melodie lens. From my experience, MultiEx + Salvador typically ends up in chaos. But I fell madly in love with this space oddity of a rose. I attribute the success to it 1. being monochromatic 2. having a lot of negative space, and 3. making very small movements between exposures."
Tammy George

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