REMIX Runner-Up: Christian Körfgen

By on June 10, 2014

Equal parts whimsical and profound, Christian Körfgen's Make Beautiful February is as lighthearted as it is breathtaking. Both the abstract and the quotidian exist side-by-side in this lovely assortment of photographs. So whether you find yourself smiling ear-to-ear at the lovely damsel kissing the frog or staring in awe at a castle outlined against the clouds, I’m certain you’ll come away inspired at yet another collection of Make Beautiful.
–Samuel Gasc, Creator & Curator of HipstaChallenge


remix_christian_korfgen_portraitName: Christian Körfgen
Hometown: Cologne, Germany
Current City: Cologne, Germany
Profession: Civil Servant
Hobbies: Sports, Hipstamatic, cooking, gardening
Hipstographer since: 2011
Year of Birth: 1974

Favorite combo: it depends on the motive
Favorite Lens: all of them
Favorite Film: all of them
Favorite Flash: I try to avoid flash

"By the time I took notice of this remix contest I thought it a rather funny and challenging idea to interpret abstract ideas and translate them into imagery. It turned out to be a creative process I found rather fascinating. My profession seldom provides an opportunity to enhance my creative ideas, so I seize every chance to do so. This was one of them."
Christian Körfgen


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