REMIX Runner-Up: Marco Gianfranco Spampinato

By on June 11, 2014

If there is an aspect of Marco’s photography that stands out above all else to me, it must be his mastery with framing and capturing the essence of his natural surroundings. Landscape photographs full of atmosphere and brilliant use of available light are a common staple of Marco Gianfranco Spampinato’s portfolio, but it is a mastery of mood that touches all of his work, from portraiture to street scenes. So come explore January’s many themes as we see how Marco Makes Beautiful.
–Samuel Gasc, Creator & Curator of HipstaChallenge


Marco_Gianfranco_portraitName: Marco Gianfranco Spampinato
Hometown: Milano, Italy
Resides: Milano, Italy
Profession: Manager
Hobbies: Photography, Tennis, Ski, Bike,...
Hipstographer since: 2013
Year of Birth: 1963

Favorite Combo:  Lucas AB2  +  Robusta 
Favorite Lens:  Sergio 
Favorite Film:  Robusta 
Favorite Flash:  Juicy Orange Gel 

"By way of REMIX I have had a chance to view my photos once again with new eyes. It has inspired me to not only search out the beauty in my photographs but also to identify an emotion or concept communicated by it. I found the REMIX project to be wonderfully unique. The idea of making and viewing photos by way of words is creatively stimulating. The words create a filter, of sorts, that modifies the way the photo is viewed, bringing out its true essence."
Marco Gianfranco Spampinato


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