‘Street Life’ by Artem Miroshnyk

By on November 10, 2017

Artem-Miroshnyk-Street-life-portraitName: Artem Miroshnyk
Hometown: Zhytomyr, Ukraine
Resides: Düsseldorf, Germany
Profession: Web & Graphic Designer
Hobbies: iPhoneography, Music, Coffee
Hipstographer since: 2013
Year of Birth: 1981

Favorite Combo:  John S  +  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Lens:  John S 
Favorite Film:  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Flash: None

"I love to make photos, especially on iPhone with Hipstamatic. Black and White combos remind me of old film cameras. A year ago, I decided to begin a photo project called "Street Life". I used my favourite combo to capture the moments of happiness, sadness, shadows, peoples' emotions, buildings, and life on the streets. The combo (John S+ BlacKeys Supergrain) creates amazing photos in different situations. It's my Number 1 combination for shooting!"
Artem Miroshnyk



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