‘La Tadrart’ by Frédéric Scheiber

By on December 27, 2017

Frederic-Scheiber-portraitName: Frédéric Scheiber
Hometown: Toulouse, France
Resides: Toulouse, France
Profession: Photo Journalist
Hobbies: Snowboard, surf, jazz
Hipstographer since: 2011
Year of Birth: 1972

Favorite Combo:  Jane  +  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Lens:  Jane 
Favorite Film:  BlacKeys SuperGrain 
Favorite Flash: None

"Terrorism and the likes have kept tourists away from Algeria, including its deserts. Considered to be the Pearl of Tassili N'Ajjer, the desert of Tadrart is located about 200 km from Djanet and is part of the most beautiful desert in the world, the Central Sahara. Huge sculptural canyons with rocky peaks created by the effects of water, wind and extreme temperatures, seamlessly mix with colorful dunes. Traces of cave paintings and engravings prove that a human presence, stretching back as far as 12.000 years, lived in a bush land that gradually became a desert, characterized by its diversity and beauty."
Frédéric Scheiber



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