‘The Beauty of Nature’s Aliens’ by Caleb Messer

By on June 4, 2014

caleb_portfolio_portraitName: Caleb Messer
Hometown: Fayetteville Georgia
Resides: Brooks
Profession: Grocerie store worker
Hobbies: Photography
Hipstographer since: 2012
Year of Birth: 1989

Favorite Combo:  Loftus  +  Blanko Freedom13 
Favorite Lens:  Loftus 
Favorite Film:  Blanko Freedom13 
Favorite Flash: None

"About a year ago when I got my macro lens for my phone I got a glimpse into the alien like world of bugs and at times reptiles such as frogs and lizards. Since then I kept searching for more creatures like before but found real alien like creatures. I've seen the most weird yet unique insects I've ever seen and this is why I keep photographing them, I love the thrill of finding and photographing more insects as weird and unique as the ones you see here."


Behind the scenes: a strange vidéo by Caleb Messer published on Cinamatography.


This post is also available in: French

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