‘They were once Fast & Furious’ by Jessy Menchaca

By on April 19, 2013

portfolio_jessy_menchaca_portrait Name: Jessy Menchaca

Hometown: Del Rio, Texas

Resides: Odessa, Texas

Profession: Retail Sales Consultant
Hobbies: Photography, Shopping

Hipstographer since: September of 2010

Year of Birth: 1980

Favorite combo:  Foxy  +  Blanko 
Favorite Lens:  John S 
Favorite Film:  Blanko 
Favorite Flash:  Pop Rox 

"I've been using Hipstamatic since the day I discovered it back in September of 2010. It was during a coffee break and the first thing I photographed was the shadow of my high heels. One shot was all it took. I was in it forever. Since then, I've challenged myself to take at least one shot a day, which I've successfully done, and then there's also been glorious vacation days where I've taken hundreds of shots in a single day.

I started the 'They were once Fast & Furious' series in order to keep up with the daily shot self challenge. Old vehicles are pretty simple to find around Odessa, and I have a thing for their old, round, beautiful headlights. Shooting them with Hisptamatic just seems right to me."
Jessy Menchaca

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