‘Up Close and Personal’ by Jill Lian

By on April 9, 2017

Jill-Lian-Morning-Light-portraitName: Jill Lian
Hometown: Elmira, NY
Resides: Elmira, NY
Profession: Clay sculptor
Hobbies: Macro photography and hiking
Hipstographer since: 2012
Year of birth: 1962

Favorite Combo:  John S  +  Ina's 1969 
Favorite Lens:  John S 
Favorite Film:  Pistil 
Favorite Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X 

"In this 'Up Close and Personal series', I've tried to capture the beauty in tiny things. I head out every morning at sunrise, to capture all things macro. To say I'm addicted, would be an understatement!"
Jill Lian


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