The Hipstography Awards 2016 – Onward to the Ceremony!

By on January 27, 2017


Now that we know all of this year’s nominees, let’s take the opportunity to, first of all, congratulate every single one of them. May the best win! For certain categories, the results are already in, but for others, you still have a few hours/days to tip the scales. The list of open categories can be found on this page.

Thank you all for voting! Last night, the votes had surpassed 18.000, in all categories! That’s a record with an average of 800 votes per category and we should surpass the 20.000 mark in the final stage, this Sunday January 29th.

As far as the jury goes, the members of this 2016 edition have already weighed up their choices and, without giving anything away, we can say that there were quite a few series that stood out in every category in the "Grand Prizes Awards" (the Combos & Portfolios). Two of them actually scored quasi unanimous votes. In others, opinions were more divided and, just like previous years, we also asked the jury members to hand out Special Awards for their "personal crushes".

The Ceremony will take place on Saturday February 4th, when about 30 statuettes will be given to the winners in each category… Suspense!

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