The Hipstography Awards 2017 – On to the Ceremony

By on January 27, 2018


The last nominees were announced yesterday, so we are now in full possession of the entire list of nominees for these Hipstography Awards 2017. Congratulations to all nominees. Voting has been closed in most categories but you still have a few hours/days left to vote in a few remaining categories. Next Saturday, February 3rd the 30 Awards will be announced during the Grand Ceremony.

Thank you to everyone for your participation; we beat last year’s record with over 19.500 votes! Like previous years, your votes were added to those of the Jury, in order to elect one single winner per category.

The Jury finished voting a little over a week ago and, in most categories of the Grand Prizes Awards (combos and portfolios), a few series in particular immediately stood out. In a few categories the jury’s votes were unanimous. In other categories two or three selections were voted the best by the jury. This article explains how the voting went. For the categories in the Major Prizes Awards (Photo of the Day), things weren’t as clear-cut although there were also those that clearly made the Jury’s hearts race. On a side note, the names of the photographers were never revealed to the Jury; they were only handed the pictures and asked to pick their 5 favorites in each category.

Last note… Names will not be made public before the Ceremony but one thing is clear: this fifth edition of the Hipstography Awards will be a revelation. Till Saturday then…

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