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By on April 6, 2020

During the lock-down period, Hipstamatic is treating us to the Stay Home Survival SnapPak which consists of a case, a film and a flash. The most interesting element of this pak, at first view, is the flash. The case, for example, is only meant for Classic-version users and the film comes with a big stamp on it which, I have to admit, is not my cup of tea.

That said - good news of the day – the stamp can be eliminated! This means that the new film with its wide frame becomes instantly more attractive! This little tutorial aims to explain how to do just that.


All you have to do is select the 3 small circles at the bottom of the screen (in Pro Mode); then you select the tools. You have 2 options here: you can either scroll through your Favorites or, just move a cursor to the right.


Select the film; here too, you have 2 options: modify texture and/or grain. Slide your cursor to the left and it’s done… the stamp is gone. It’s that simple!


Last detail: if you plan on keeping the stamp, you can choose its position (bottom right, bottom left or top right) by selecting the film and shaking your iPhone.

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