8 years Hipstamatic

By on December 9, 2017

On December 9th, 2009 a group of photography-loving friends launched an application in the App Store. The first day, they sold about 10 copies… The next day, they reached 100 and by December 11th, they got an email from Apple announcing sales of 500! Barely a few days later, Hipstamatic reached number 1 in Japan and between Christmas and New Year, they exceeded 150.000 downloads. I bet they had no idea what kind of future this predicted for them…


On December 9th 2017, Hipstamatic blows out its 8th candle and today, hundreds of thousands across the globe, use the little app that left such a mark on the history of digital photography, on a daily basis.

To celebrate its 8th birthday, Hipstamatic is giving us a new case, called 8th Anniversary Case. Thanks Hipstamatic and a very happy anniversary to the entire team!


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