Bream Pride

By on June 20, 2018

Summer is the time for LGBTQ marches all over the world and to celebrate this new 2018 season, Hipstamatic is throwing a totally free new film out there, the Bream Pride!

The recipe is simple: you take the Bream film and add some colors.


That obviously includes the rainbow colors and one little detail for even more diversity: don't forget to shake your iPhone... Happy Pride!


Note: as I'm writing this, the Bream Pride film doesn't show up in the HipstaMart yet. All you need to do is select "My Gear", followed by "My Films" and download the film from there...


Update: If this new film is not showing in the Hipstamart for you, there’s another way to find it  - when you are in the Hipstamart, just tap on the Search button, and then type "Pride" into the search bar and that should bring it up for you.

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