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By on April 20, 2015

When the Disposable app was released, back in 2011, it allowed the user to make photo series in collaboration with several other people. For technical reasons, the app was withdrawn in 2012. To celebrate the imminent release of a new application heavily inspired by Disposable, Hipstamatic is giving away a RetroPak for free, on Hipstamatic Classic as well as Oggl!

Update: the Pak is free of charge for a short time only! After this period, it will become a paying HipstaPak. Honestly though, in my humble opinion, this is a Pak that is well worth buying!


This D-Series RetroPak consists of 3 lenses (Dee, Mark and Gregory) and 2 films (Lite and BlacKeys 44), all of which are inspired by elements from the old Disposable catalogue. If you aren’t familiar with Disposable, this paragraph isn’t important but if you are, here’s how the elements are related: as far as the lenses go, Dee is inspired by D-Lite, Mark by MegaZuck 84 and Gregory by Gregory GR8.


And for the films, Lite reproduces the same effects as D-Lite with its color film and light leaks and BlacKeys 44 pays homage to the black/white film carrying the same name.


I frankly haven’t had the time to test the new elements but I have to say that I used to really like Disposable. It was a brilliant application, with great graphics and charming results! I’m looking forward to rediscovering the new effects.

The D-Series RetroPak is free of charge for a short time only! A big thank you goes out the Hipstamatic and I’m eagerly looking forward to your series. Don’t forget to tag your pictures with #hipstography and #SofitelBxlEur, if you want to participate in the Click. Boom. Amazing! competition !

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