Hipstamatic 301

By on September 26, 2015

As I mentioned yesterday, Hipstamatic is in the process of sorting out the various bugs of the 300-version, and, since this morning, an update (Hipstamatic 301) is available; you can download it in the App Store on your iPhone. At first glance, this version has solved quite a few of the main issues, but alas, not all; further updates will most certainly systematically eliminate the rest of them. Hipstamatic just published a communique about the update:

"This update addresses some of the top issues people have been reporting in the last 48 hours, including crash-on-launch for people on iOS 8.2 or earlier, or running the iOS 9.1 beta 1 (beta 2 does not have the issue).
The changes and improvements in 300 involved a massive overhaul of the internal workings of Hipstamatic, and as such, there is an "upgrade" process that happens for each of you the first time you launch the new version. This process converts all your gear to the new 300 format (enabling things such as turning off film borders and changing the intensity of lenses). This process can take several minutes to complete (depending on how much gear you have and how good your internet connection is), and the app can be a bit sluggish during this process (or even crash if you start shooting loads of images immediately).
Once the app finishes this upgrade things tend to run much smoother and image processing should be faster. You can check what gear you have downloaded, and what still needs to load, by going to the Shop -> My Gear.
Thanks again for your patience! Hipstamatic 300 is a product of many iterations and feedback from the community, and we know the changes can be jarring at first. We've tried to make the product that we all want to use while shooting (and editing), but retain the core charm of Hipstamatic Classic."

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