Make Beautiful, April by Cindy Buske

By on May 24, 2014

Moving another day closer to June 1st and the close of HipstaChallenge’s first-ever photo contest, I’m pleased to be able to present yet another carefully crafted body of work for your viewing pleasure. For this portfolio, though, we leave behind the marvelous seascapes of Mexico and head to the Pacific Northwest for an altogether different interpretation of the month of April. Take special note that these 3 portfolios really form the essence of the REMIX project… While they have all derived their inspiration from the same month of Make Beautiful, the interpretations are as varied as the countries from which they originated. I do hope that in viewing Cindy Buske’s portfolio for April you come away inspired and ready to submit your own artistic vision, your unique creative representations, your own flavor of Make Beautiful.
-Samuel Gasc, créateur et curateur de HipstaChallenge

Make Beautiful // April by Cindy Buske


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