Make Beautiful: Five Senses

By on January 27, 2018

Samuel Gasc no longer needs an introduction as he has been one of the original and permanent jury members for the Hipstography Awards over the past few years. Samuel is one of those people Hipstography turns to when there is confusion or the need for constructive criticism arises. We really can’t thank him enough.

Samuel also collaborated with Hipstamatic as the curator for the long-running Make Beautiful project. Each month brought a new list of daily prompts to serve as a sort of springboard of inspiration for mobile photographers around the world who participated every day.

Since then Hipsta365 has become a very active and highly creative Facebook group, so it only seemed natural that they’d hook up with Samuel for this special week-long revival of "Make Beautiful", through this special series focusing on the Five Senses. Every day participants will be encouraged to visually explore a single theme through their own unique photographic expression. Be creative! There are no "wrong" interpretations of the themes.

You can find more information  about "Make Beautiful" on the Hipsta365 Facebook page. Enjoy and Make Beautiful!


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