Make Beautiful – November

By on November 8, 2014

Every month poses a creative challenge in assembling a collection of words that will hopefully inspire you to weave together a narrative entirely your own through a variety of photographic interpretations. The results, while sometimes bearing similarities inherent to a shared human perspective, are more often than not as varied as their points of origin. My one hope then for this global collective of photographers and image makers is that we take these mere words and transform them into beauty through the alchemy of photography. To another month of Make Beautiful, my friends!

Share your interpretations of the Make Beautiful list with us in the HipstaChallenge group on Facebook. You can submit multiple entries for any given theme and can approach the themes in any order that you like. Daily features are selected from the group, but be sure to follow the HipstaChallenge page for other updates and information!

–Samuel Gasc


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