Make Beautiful – October

By on October 2, 2014

For the better part of this year I have collaborated closely with a different guest contributor each month in producing the Make Beautiful lists. Whether through a single text or a month-long correspondence, the words took shape and form, evolving ever so surely into the finalized works that you creative lot interpret. But this month saw a return to a more internalized dialog. Quiet moments are hard to come by these days, but in those precious moments there is an opportunity to explore thoughts and musings that at other times get lost in the noise of the quotidian. I present to you a carefully curated collection of these thoughts... So without any further ado, and my apologies for the tardiness, enjoy another month-long journey of Make Beautiful!

Share your interpretations of the Make Beautiful list with us in the HipstaChallenge group on Facebook. You can submit multiple entries for any given theme and can approach the themes in any order that you like. Daily features are selected from the group, but be sure to follow the HipstaChallenge page for other updates and information!

–Samuel Gasc


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