Peel-Apart SnapPak

By on January 3, 2020

To start 2020 with a bang, Hipstamatic has released a tribute to the Polaroid "Peel-apart” film. These films have a very special characteristic: after having removed the photo from the camera, you have to wait for it to develop before removing the detachable protective layer. Hence, the "peel-apart" term.


The Peel-Apart SnapPak contains a lens, Peale and a film, Type 10 Pack. On a side note: contrary to a HipstaPak, a SnapPak is made with two well-defined elements thus creating the Pak, but that said, you can obviously play around with different elements yourself.


The Pak was just released and according to the first reports, Peale adds a saturated and contrasty color quality, while the film, Type 10 Pack, has a vintage frame, which can be removed in the Pro Mode function, if you so desire.


We’re curious to see your pictures and don’t forget to tag #hipstography.. Happy shooting!

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