RetroPak Memorial Day Sale

By on May 31, 2016

If you missed out on some of our retired HipstaPaks or you have just discovered the app, Hipstamatic is now offering you the opportunity to complete your collection of films and lenses with the RetroPak bundles. Each Pak contains different elements and you get them all at half price! Beware though… this offer is going only for a limited time period!

Just head on over to the HipstaMart and here are the elements of each RetroPak:

RetroPak One

3 Lenses: Melodie, Salvador 84, Tejas
1 film: DreamCanvas


RetroPak Two

6 Lenses: Watts, Lucas AB2, Susie, James, Matty ALN, Libatique 73
2 films: Big Up, Rock BW-11
1 flash: Jolly Rainbo 2x


RetroPak Three

4 Lenses: Americana, Wonder, G2, Hornbecker
8 films: Blanko Freedom13, US 1776, OG, RTV, RTV Shout, W40, AO DLX, AO BW


RetroPak Four

5 Lenses: Chunky, Diego, Doris, Mabel, Madalena
7 films: Blanko C16, Blanko Noir, Cano Cafenol, Dixie, Robusta, Sussex, Uchitel 20


RetroPak Five

5 Lenses: Florence, Akira, Yoona, YUЯI 61, Ray Mark II
5 films: BlacKeys Extra Fine, Rasputin, Blanko 일, Irom 2000, Kodama


RetroPak Six

6 Lenses: Burke, Sergio, Chivas, Lincoln, Bruno, Vincent
6 films: Shilshole, Maximus LXIX, Estrada 83, T. Roosevelt 26, Gotland, Rijks
1 Flash: Triple Crown


RetroPak Seven

6 Lenses: Muir, Benedict, Jack London, Le Allan, Hannah, Savannah
6 films: Sequoia, Hackney, Telegraph, Queen West, Otto, Louis XIV Infrared
3 Flashes: Spiro Gel, Cubic Gel, Triad Gel

RetroPak Eight

6 Lenses: Eric, Ruddy, Nevelle, Emma, Leonard, Murray
6 films: Manneken, Love 81, Daydream, Big Easy, Indio, Tilda


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