The Sochi HipstaPak

By on February 7, 2014

The Sochi Olympics Games Opening Ceremony begins today, Friday, February 7th, and it is precisely in this Russian city that Hipstamatic gives us an appointment! Farewell heat of India, welcome to frigid Mother Russia and The Sochi HipstaPak!

Cheers, or should I say 'здоро́вье/zdoróvʹje' to the First Friday made in Russia!

The Sochi HipstaPak contains a lens, Yuri 61, and a film , Rasputin! I guess Yuri 61 is a tribute to Yuri Gagarin, the first man to have flown in space during the Russian mission Vostok 1 April 12th, 1961. Rasputin was a controversial figure in the Russian imperial court, close to Tsar Nicolas II and his family, until Rasputin's incredibly bizarre assassination in 1916.

According to preliminary information, Yuri 61 produces shots with high contrast and Rasputin marks the return of film with a border. I cannot say much more because I did not have the time to test it due to the Awards Ceremony this Sunday! So, I'm counting on you to test some combos and send me your photos. Who knows, your combo may be nominated for Awards 2014? ;-)

As usual, the pak is free for Oggl users and it is available in Classic format at $0.99.



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