Stay Home Survival SnapPak

By on April 4, 2020


The world is confined and the adage of the day is: stay at home. To help us through the hard times, Hipstamatic has launched a unique SnapPak called the Stay Home Survival SnapPak!

The Stay Home Survival SnapPak contains a new film, the Stay Home film, a new case, the Stay Home case, and a new flash, the Glow Pop. The film has a wide frame, a bit like the Bream film but with an added stamp that reminds us to stay at home. And don't forget to shake the iPhone...


The Stay Home case is made of heavy aluminum with a leather grip and is aimed at the Hipstamatic Classic users. It is, however, the flash that is the best surprise of this month.


Flashes allow you to add additional effects to your pictures, either to brighten (the Standard flash is an example), to create a vignette (Jolly Rainbo 2X), to add a graphic effect (Spiro Gel, Cubic Gel…), to emphasize a particular tone (Juicy Orange Gel, Gel,…), to add light leaks (Yuletide), etc… Apparently, Glow Pop adds a warm glow to your pictures, but once again, we have not been able to test, so we’ll be relying on you to show us what the real assets of this new element are…

Playtime! Thank you Hipstamatic for this present (the SnapPak is free of charge!)! And don’t forget to tag your images #Hipstamatic and, of course, #StayHome.

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