The Denali HipstaPak

By on June 3, 2017

The Denali, formerly Mount McKinley, is the highest mountain peak in North America. It’s situated in the interior of the state of Alaska and has a summit elevation of 6.190 meters above sea level. The altitude, extreme weather conditions and geographical location make it one of the hardest climbs in the world; the first man to reach the summit only did so in 1913.


So, Hipstamatic has chosen to take us to Denali for this new June pak. Inspired by the constantly shifting Aurora Borealis, when daytime skies go shift through rich gradients of orange reds and greens, the lens is called Aurora NCL.  The film, Midnight Sun AS, adds a bit of the constant motion, blurring parts of the image to create an atmospheric layer.


We’re eagerly anticipating your pictures and… feel free to share your honest opinions. Some of you are bound to come up with some very unusual combos!


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