The Fashion SnapPak

By on May 6, 2016

This month we’re not travelling anywhere in particular, but rather, we’re drawing your attention to a photographer and his work. In fact, the invention of this new Fashion SnapPak was made possible by a rewarding collaboration between Hipstamatic and Kevin Tachman.

The award-winning fashion photographer, Kevin Tachman, can mainly be found strutting his stuff in the dizzying worlds of fashion, entertainment and music. His naturalistic style captures essential moments that emanate the beauty, excitement and drama of these quasi-parallel worlds.
His photos make you feel like you're there, in the midst of it all, be it at the Met Gala, the Golden Globes or Backstage at Paris Fashion Week. The awards that he has won, so far, are too numerous to mention ... suffice it to say that Kevin Tachman is a very busy man with a set of skills and talents that unquestionably puts him up there with the very best!

The Fashion SnapPak offers a lens, Tachman and a film, RunwayTachman adds motion and energy to your photos; Runway adds motion and reflected elements.


Welcome to these new additions to the Hipstamatic catalogue. So go ahead, show us what you come up with! You can find all the necessary information on how to submit your pictures on this page.

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