The Hipstography Awards 2017 – The Jury is Working

By on January 8, 2018


Even if it’s only a competition, the Hipstography Awards are, above all else, the perfect opportunity to look back at the past year and all the superb photographs and series that were published on the site in 2017. There are several stages before we get to the official Grand Ceremony, when about thirty awards will be handed over to the most deserving, but today we kick off the most important stage of all: the jury votes.

Like the previous years, the jury is composed of well-known photographers, journalists or other photo specialists, whom we will be introducing shortly. So, as of this morning, the jury is in the process of screening the series and photographs submitted for these awards and they have the unenviable task of selecting only a few of those per category. Within the next 10 days the voting will be closed and we’ll know who the nominees are, at which point we’ll address the next stage: your votes! Those will then be added to the results of the jury and at the beginning of February, the awards will be handed out during the Grand Ceremony. So… just a tad more patience and good luck to all!

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