The Jalisco HipstaPak

By on June 6, 2014

June is upon us and Hipstamatic is swooping us down along the Mexican coast to Puerto Vallarta. While exploring the Estrada family's old ocean front villa, an old dusty box is discovered. It is filled to the brim with pictures telling bold stories of this family.


The Jalisco HipstaPak consists of the Chivas Lens and Estrada Film.

Chivas seems to add a more subtle vignette to the pictures, compared to the most recent releases and is, again, slightly blurry. The main characteristic of the film is the slightly damaged look and cracking around the edges; Estrada almost seems to damage the picture in a subtle way.

The Pak is free to those using Oggl and available for $0,99 (0,89 Euros), if you prefer Hipstamatic Classic. As per usual, it will be a question of testing the different combos in order to fully come to grips with all the possibilities. I await your first impressions eagerly!

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