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By on September 5, 2014

Joordan_banner_960Hallo, welkom in Nederland! Welcome to the Netherlands! At the beginning of this new academic year 2014, Hipstamatic returns to the old world and plunges us into the very atmosphere of Amsterdam.

The Jordaan Hipstapak is named after one of the city’s neighborhoods, the Jordaan, the absolute emblem of Amsterdam’s tolerance. The pak offers a lens, Vincent, and a film, Rijks.


The lens comes in homage of one of the greatest painters of the nineteenth century, Vincent Van Gogh. Born on March 30th, 1853 in Groot-Zundert in the Netherlands, his post-impressionistic work would become the basis for fauvism and expressionism. That said, he was an artist who received absolutely very little recognition during his life and struggled throughout with incomprehension from his peers. He ended his own life in 1890, at the tender age of 37. With this Pak just released, I have not had time to adequately test it, but it seems that Vincent brings some contrast to the photos with shadows being slightly accented.

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, or the abbreviated versions Rijksmuseum or Rijks, is a museum in Amsterdam dedicated to mainly Dutch fine arts, arts & crafts and history. It is the largest and most important museum in the country. Rijks has no border, but a fairly light texture can give a pictorial side to your photos.

Sounds like all you need to start off the new academic year of 2014! As per usual, the pak is free for Oggl users and available for 0.99$ (0,89 euros) for Hipstamatic Classic users. We hereby wish you an enjoyable shoot!

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One Comment

  1. Iron

    September 7, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    I don’t see any “texture” in the film nor do I see a circular focal point in the lens. I suppose I have to upload to my PC to see these subtleties.
    I’d like to see claunch monochrome 72 film but more grainy like US 1776
    Or maybe rock B&W with a bit more grain and contrast and a border like cano or big up (in just black since it’s a b&w film I suppose).-
    Or is Hipstamatic back in another run of almost-no-difference packs like the 5 packs prior to District?
    Whatever the case, you are welcome for the entertaining comment.
    By the way make this site first show in English. It first appears in French and that’s really irritating. Just so very “French”.

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