The Valparaíso HipstaPak

By on November 2, 2018

November takes us to the Chilean harbor of Valparaíso. Valparaíso is located about 115 km northeast of Santiago, Chile’s capital. Called Valpo by the locals, the city counts 300.000 inhabitants and is well known for its bohemian culture and beautifully colored houses on the hill slopes, surrounding an impressive bay.

The Valparaíso HipstaPak has a lens, called Vicuña CL and a film Cinzano 36. According to Hipstamatic, the goal is to add a cool effect to low light/night-life portraits.


It’s particularly Vicuña CL that will add emphasis to your subject, mainly to the center of the picture, by creating a rather pronounced vertical vignette. The film, Cinzano 36, adds cool tones and even more prominence to the subject.


The Valparaíso HipstaPak still needs to reveal its secrets. You’ll have to test the elements on their own as well as in combination… we’re waiting for your experiments!

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