Who’s afraid of Madalena?

By on July 27, 2017

"Dear Madalena, You are the most difficult of all lenses! It's so hard to bring light into the darkness with you! You act without compromise. The results when using you are either perfect, or trash. It's like painting a picture and not having enough colors or light. But if it works out it is legen - wait for it - dary! You're the lens I produce the most rejects with, however, I still love you. Sincerely yours,
Sebastian Kroll"

Sebastian wrote the above when he produced his #322 Combo and, he’s right, Madalena still remains one of the hardest lenses in the Hipstamatic catalogue to work with. Madalena has a tendency to emphasize blacks too much, often produces a too-solidly colored fill, makes everything darker and crudely eliminates detail. That said, if you manage to tame her fiery temperament, this lens can produce absolute wonders.  We’ve, therefore, decided to pay homage to Madalena with an exhibition dedicated to her alone! So… Who’s afraid of Madalena?


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