RetroPak Eleven

By on June 26, 2017

Hipstamatic just released a new RetroPak, which contains elements of the paks that came out during the winter and spring 2017. The RetroPak Eleven comes with 6 lenses, 9 films, a flash and a new case, called Missus Bellows.

The case is the newbie in the pak but you’ll be happy to know that, if you already own the other elements in this RetroPak, you can buy Missus Bellows case separately (1,09 €).


This RetroPak is available for 6,99 €, and here is a list of its components:

Lenses: Müller, Marshall, Gje Gje, Scott S, Beard, Hema
Films: Prancer, Pearl, BlacKeys IR, Abbot K20, Bream, Panaji, Frutiger, Dasher, Blitzen
Flash: Yuletide
Case: Missus Bellows


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  1. Felinesxhugsx

    June 28, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    My Hipstamatic is my favourite camera, and it’s becoming very expensive, but I still buy all the cases. I think the combo collection should come with cases as well even thou you need to take photo in pro mode; it would make me happy.

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