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  • Photo of the day by Donna Donato

    Lens:  Jane  Film:  Ina's 1982  Flash: off "Nuages" "Nearly everyday there are amazing cloud formations over Paris. I am constantly aiming my iPhone skyward because the heavenly display is awing and sometimes slightly surreal. This low rolling...

    • Posted May 10, 2013
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  • Photo of the day by Hideyuki Mizoguchi

    Lens:  Jane  Film:  Blanko Freedom13  Flash: off "This was taken from the ferry, where passengers throw bait to the gulls. In Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan." Hideyuki Mizoguchi Instagram  twitter

    • Posted April 22, 2013
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  • Photo of the day by Jessy Menchaca

    Lens:  Jane  Film:  Sugar  Flash: off "This old school bus is out in an empty field, right outside of Toyah, Texas. Toyah is considered a ghost town and one of it's only buildings standing is an old...

    • Posted April 19, 2013
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  • ‘Life On The Outside’ by Mark T Simmons

    Name: Mark T Simmons Hometown: London Resides: London Profession: Pusher of buttons Hobbies: Travelling & photography Hipstographer since: 2012 Year of Birth: 70's Favorite combo:  Jane  +  BlacKeys SuperGrain  Favorite Lens:  John S  Favorite Film:  BlacKeys SuperGrain ...

    • Posted April 10, 2013
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  • ‘Minsk in monochrome’ by Denis Perekhrest

    Name: Denis Perekhrest Hometown: Minsk, Belarus Resides: Minsk, Belarus Profession: IT-Manager Hobbies: Photography Hipstographer since: March 2012 Year of Birth: 1976 Favorite combo:  Tejas  +  Blanko  Favorite Lens:  James M  Favorite Film:  Rock BW-11  Favorite Flash: None "I downloaded Hipstamatic in...

    • Posted March 27, 2013
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  • ‘Frozen’ by Jessika Johansson

    Name: Jessika Johansson Resides: Sweden Profession: Imagery Hobbies: Imagery Hipstographer since: 2010 Favorite combo:  Jane  +  BlacKeys SuperGrain  +  Pop Rox  Favorite Lens:  Jane  Favorite Film:  BlacKeys SuperGrain  Favorite Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X  "Macro photography is like opening...

    • Posted March 9, 2013
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  • Photo of the day by Bethanie Marshall

    Lens:  Jane  Film:  Big Up  Flash: off "This picture came from my Grandfather's train room. The entire room is a miniature Arizona from a different time." Bethanie Marshall flickr

    • Posted March 2, 2013
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  • Combo #74 (Katrin Sonntag)

    Lens:  Jane  Film:  Cano Cafenol  Flash: off "The photographs taken by Cano Cafenol using Jane's lens produce very clear images. There is hardly any overexposure. The pictures look as if they have been dipped in coffee. Their...

    • Posted January 28, 2013
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  • Pic of the day by Carlos Wilfredo Trejo

    Lens:  Jane  Film:  Blanko Freedom13  Flash: off "The place is called "Monumento a la Revolución", it's in México City. The young ones and the children like to play in the fountain on sunny days." Carlos Wilfredo Trejo...

    • Posted January 25, 2013
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  • User Tips #1: Controlling the Exposure

    To keep the iPhone's auto-adjust from reducing the exposure, I would point the camera at my feet, then flip it up, taking the image before the camera had a chance to react. Tom Choinski Lens:  Jane  Film:...

    • Posted January 10, 2013
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