The Newtown SYD HipstaPak – Une Interview avec Markus Andersen

By on décembre 19, 2018

Le dernier pak de décembre est un hommage à un photographe australien qui utilise entre autre Hipstamatic depuis les débuts de l'application: Markus Andersen. Hipstography publie d'ailleurs des photos de Markus depuis 2013 et afin d'avoir plus d'infos sur le Newtown SYD HipstaPak, nous avons décidé de lui poser quelques questions...


So, Markus, are you happy to join the Hipstamatic catalogue? Do tell us how this collaboration happened…

It was a fairly organic process, just a meeting of minds to produce something very true to a traditional film photography aesthetic with the inclusion of a film negative rebate border (similar to when the negative carrier is filed back on a film enlarger).


The films are called SPRKT-BW and SPRKT-ULTIMO. What do they stand for? And where did the initials come from?

SPRKT-BW/Sprocket black and white stands for a black and white film with its negative rebate sprockets exposed and SPRKT-ULTIMO/Sprocket Ultimo which stands for a color film with its negative rebate sprockets exposed and Ultimo, which is a suburb of Sydney located fairly close to the central business district.


The Newton SYD HipstaPak comes with one lens and two films. Can you please describe each element?

SPRKT-BW is a film designed with a nice organic grainy structure similar to what is found when a traditional black & white 400 ISO film (Kodak Tri-X or Ilford HP5 + for example) is pushed processed two stops. The film additionally has nice mid tones with decent shadow & highlight detail.
SPRKT-ULTIMO is a film designed with a structural grain, similar to traditional ISO 1600 speed color negative film. The additional film has a fairly neutral color balance when used on its own, without the addition of a lens.
Markus NSW lens give the films the contrast and boost required to replicate the contrasty 2 stop push processed aesthetic of traditional film photography - amping up the contrast from mid tones to highlights and deepening the shadow areas.

The Newton SYD HipstaPak is designed to produce impactful yet soulful images that give a nod to all the beautiful traditional BW and color negative films.


What was the inspiration for this particular pak?

The inspiration for the SPRKT-BW film and Markus NSW Lens were the film photography images that I created in my sold out photo book "Rage Against The Light" from T&G Publishing. These images were underexposed and pushed processed by roughly two stops - producing a grainy, contrasty and dynamic image.
The inspiration for SPRKT-ULTIMO film was the ISO 1600 color negative films that produced a nice grainy image with a slightly painterly look and feel.
The HipstaPak Newtown SYD namesake was taken from the suburb of Newtown, located in the lower end of Sydney city, where many creative, unique and bohemian people live.


Do you have a few pointers for optimal use of this Newton SYD HipstaPak?

Yes, the SPRKT films (especially the SPRKT-BW film) combined with Markus NSW lens is most effective when exposed to strong sunlight with lots of nice deep dark areas of shadow in the frame. In my opinion, slight under exposure of the image provides the most dynamic effect.

The pack is designed to produce strong, impactful images with particular focus on the use of light and shadows. Pre-visualization of an image is helpful when using this pack.


You published a book this year. Are you planning on doing it again in 2019? What other projects are on your horizon?

I am in the middle of working on two major projects, one is street photography based using FujiFilmX cameras and the second is far more abstract and concept based imagery using traditional film photography cameras.

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