The Future is Female – Part 2

By on février 16, 2017

Seconde partie de notre dossier consacré aux Women's Marches qui se sont déroulées le 21 janvier 2017. Après Washington, Seattle, New York, Boston et Vienne, rendez-vous à Austin, Oakland, Philadelphia, Paris et New York à nouveau.

La première partie de notre dossier se trouve ici.



Stephen Littrell (Austin)

Lens:  Hema 
Film:  Love 81 
Flash:  Standard 


"January 21st saw forty thousand people in Austin, Texas exercise their constitutional right to peacefully assemble. The November election shell-shocked millions who found the results incomprehensible and devastating. People know there are dark times ahead and this protest, while important, is only the beginning of a very long struggle."
Stephen Littrell



Erik Lieber (New York NY)

Lens:  Lowy 
Film:  AO BW 
Flash:  Apollo 
Clarity: 22


"On January 21, 2017, I took to the streets with my fellow Americans to voice my opinion about the policies and positions of our new president. I was shocked and disappointed that so many people had blindly overlooked his sexism, racism, xenophobia, and his pathological lying. The spirit in the streets was palpable and intoxicating. It is encouraging to know that people are still willing to rise up in the face of tyranny."
Erik Lieber



Donna Donato (Paris, France)

Lens:  Stavros 
Film:  Robusta 


"On Saturday, 21 January 2017 the Women's March on Paris was held. It one of hundreds of sister marches held worldwide to coincide with the Women's March on Washington. A diverse group of women, men and children marched to express solidarity with the The Women's March on Washington and to protest the man inaugurated the day before as the 45th President of the United States.
I chose this combo because it reminds me of photographs from the 70s' and also gives a slightly surreal quality to the image. It seemed appropriate for the surreal moment the global community had entered."

Donna Donato



David Brown (Oakland CA)

Lens:  Stavros 
Film:  Claunch 72 Monochrome 
Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X 


"Over 80,000 people marched in Oakland. It was a peaceful but boisterous and colorful march."
David Brown



Maureen Ruddy Burkhart (Denver CO)

Lens:  Jack London 
Film:  Maximus LXIX 


"Political activism is hardwired into my DNA, so of course I participated in this historic march on January 21.
My Twitter handle @mophotoartist reads: "Photographer, naturalist, humanist. World traveller. Changing the world one image at a time." And that's what I strive to do."

Maureen Ruddy Burkhart

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