The Future is Female – Part 1

By on février 15, 2017

21 janvier 2017: plus de 5 millions de personnes marchent à travers le monde pour promouvoir les droits des femmes, la défense des minorités, la défense des immigrés, la question des droits LGBT mais aussi pour lutter contre les inégalités raciales et les problèmes environnementaux.

L'événement initial, la "Women's March on Washington", a rassemblé plus de 500.000 personnes mais des événements frères ont également lieu dans d'autres villes à travers le monde: on a dénombré plus de 650 marches à travers les Etats-Unis et dans 168 autres pays. Ces marches visaient à envoyer un message fort à la nouvelle administration, le lendemain de l'inauguration du nouveau président des États-Unis et c'est à ce jour la plus grande démonstration d'une journée dans l'histoire des États-Unis.

Hipstography avait ses envoyés spéciaux aux quatre coins du monde et nous vous proposons donc quelques portfolios qui seront publiés durant plusieurs jours.




Kim Morris (Washington DC)

Lens:  Americana 
Film:  RTV 


"There were so many people in Washington D.C. that I sometimes had trouble raising my arms! It was by far the largest group of people I have ever been in - ever. And I hadn't felt any hope since November 8. I felt hope yesterday. I get choked up thinking about it."
Kim Morris



Cindy Buske (Seattle WA)

Lens:  Jane 
Film:  Irom 2000 
Flash:  Jolly Rainbo 2X 


"Because it is no longer safe or okay to sit on the sidelines and watch idly, women and men all over the world took to the streets on January 21st to speak out for human rights, women's rights, civil rights. While Seattle expected around 50,000 people, more than double that number participated. The march spoke loudly of people's passion to become involved and their will to fight misogyny, corruption and the current White House administration. For me, it felt like standing in the midst of history as it was happening. Striding forward for women, equality and humanity."
Cindy Buske



Judy Tillinger (New York NY)

Lens:  Lucifer VI 
Film:  D-Type Plate 


"It was both reassuring and inspiring to be among hundreds of thousands of like-minded people participating in New York City's march."
Judy Tillinger



Mike Ryan (Boston MA)

Lens:  Lowy 
Film:  Ina's 1982 


"When we arrived at Boston Common on the sunny and warm day of the march we were astounded at the number of people who had gathered. Instead of the expected turnout of 70,000 more than 175,000 had arrived, standing together in solidarity against the newly inaugurated threat to US democracy. We tried to proceed towards the high viewpoint of Soldiers and Sailors Monument, thinking we could get a view of the speakers' stand, but there were so many people it proved impossible. It didn’t matter, we were in the midst of joyous and determined people of all ages and backgrounds, in a sea of colorful handmade signs and pink hats. After the march, archivists from Northeastern University, College of Arts, Media, and Design collected more than 1,000 of the discarded signs to preserve in various ways to commemorate this unique historic moment."
Mike Ryan



Christine Mignon (Vienna, Austria)

Lens:  Lowy 
Film:  Robusta 
Flash:  Apollo 


"The Women’s March in Vienna was a peaceful demonstration in solidarity with the people marching all over the world. The rally with 2,000 participants was meant to be a demonstration to call for human rights for ALL people, not a protest against Donald Trump – although most protesters' signs may have indicated something different ;-) "Love! Not hate! Makes THE WORLD great!"
Christine Mignon

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