Combo #550 (Polina Sarri)

By on August 3, 2017
Lens:  Madalena (40%) 
Film:  Hackney (88%) 
Flash:  Apollo 
Exposure: +0.1 • Clarity: 20 • Highlights: -25 • Shadows: +20 • Vibrancy: +20 • RGB: modified • Texture: 0
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"Madalena is one of the most idiosyncratic lenses of the Hipstamatic collection, which, apart from the fact that it subtracts the light, flattens the hues and eliminates the details, has a really weird character that you either hate or fall in love with. I personally belong to the latter and it has been one of my favourites of all time. Well, it is common ground that taming Madalena lens is hard to do, but it is always a challenge worth taking.
In the following city series of indoor and outdoor photos of both people and places, I paired it with the Hackney film and the Apollo flash, for a touch of subtle nostalgia. The flash gives extra warmth and clarity, the film adds the missing light sparkle and although the new combo might seem balanced, the strong spirit of Madalena is still dominant, as it should be. Because who wants to tame it after all?"

Polina Sarri


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