Combo #500 (Polina Sarri)

By on November 24, 2016
Lens:  Beard 
Film:  Bream 
Highlights: -90 • Shadows: +100
(The combo can be downloaded at the bottom of this page)


"Reminiscent of David Hockney"

"The only thing I have in common with artist David Hockney is his birthplace, Bradford. A city in West Yorkshire, England, where I stayed during my postgraduate studies. The surrounding countryside is astonishing and during my frequent excursions, I deeply felt what he said: "The enjoyment of the landscape is a thrill".
Apart from that though, I admire his talent and the way he expresses himself through different mediums. The use of bright colours, his realistic approach to painting with polaroids as part of a narrative story, as well as his photo-collages, always inspired me. During an editing session of summer photos with the Coleford Hipstapak, which is crisp and high in contrast, I pushed the highlights and shadows almost to their limit. As a result, I discovered a whole new perspective for the Beard lens creating an almost painterly feeling. The surrounding white frame of the Bream film seems like the perfect match. The flat and brilliant colours, and the lack of detail in the edited photos, brought my vision of Hockney’s work so much closer to home, thus the name of the series. This combo is a feast for the blues, so the pictures with large spaces of water and sky turned out to be my favourites."

Polina Sarri


This combo is available for download.
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