Combo #138 (Jozef Hipp)

By on July 1, 2013
Lens:  Madalena 
Film:  Robusta 
Flash:  Cherry Shine 

"The Madalena lens is a lovely addition to the growing Hipsta gear collection. I love the hues of dark red and violet. It can underexpose images quite a lot though, especially in lower light conditions, and that is why I paired it with Cherry Shine. To my great surprise this is a lovely combo for all light situations. I love how the yellow tones of Cherry Shine mesh with Madalena producing interesting, moody colors and pictures. There is also the factor of the unexpected; you can only expect but never be sure about how the yellow and red/violet will mesh together. Sometimes lovely pink may be achieved. No color is ever prevalent though, and since Madalena neutralizes Cherry Shine, the light leaks are softer and quite appealing. I find the images this combo produces very warm and welcoming.
I love Software flashes in Hipstamatic Classic. Perhaps they are the reason why I take pictures more often with Hipstamatic than with Oggl. I hope we will see some goodies on the flash front as well in the future."

Jozef Hipp

This combo is part of the series "Flash Effects with São Paulo".

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