Combo #213 (Jozef Hipp)

By on February 21, 2014
Lens:  Susie 
Film:  Uchitel 20 
Using:  Oggl 

"I was never a big fan of Susie, not with color combos nor with black and white films. Then the Uchitel 20 film arrived and I have tried it with Susie. The pictures were stunning to me and, at that time, I was looking exactly for that type of imagery. These minimal images look soft, almost fragile and feature the beautiful paper texture of the Uchitel 20 film. It is almost as if they were sketched with a pencil. Susie's overexposure brings an atmosphere of mystery. I never thought I could like Susie and Hipstamatic proved me wrong."
Jozef Hipp


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